New Mexican Green Chile:
Native of Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado. Used as a sauce, soup or stew - No meat, No beans - just the flavor of roasted mild poblano chile in our own award winning recipe.

Fresh cooked, fiery red, our homemade salsa is a local favorite for chip dipping, and as a dressing for some of our entrees. Chunks of fresh onion, chile peppers and tomato float in a peppery, yet cooly refreshing, sea of fresh spice.

New Mexican Red Chile:
Our favorite to top cheese enchiladas and colorado tostadas, this spicy, smoky sauce is made from rich, Chimayo dried red chilies, blended with a touch of red hot cayenne.
Wholesome flour, or sun dried blue, white or yellow corn, the tortilla is to the Southwestern meal what bread is to others. Stuffed, fried crisp, or layered flat this delicious essential is the base for many entrees.
Pico de gallo:
Very spicy fresh salsa made from jalapeņos, tomatoes, chopped cilantro and fresh lime juice.
Refried Beans:
Not really fried twice, refried beans are actually just well cooked pinot beans. We cook ours with margarine, never lard, and flavor them with cumin.
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